Visit Burj Khalifa – Dubai Fountain

Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall, my daugther’s first visit

Last October 9, 2015, we had a great time with our daughter when we visit Burj Khalifa and watch Dubai Dancing Fountain Show. We toured her around Dubai Mall and watched the Dancing Fountain. All though she was afraid, but i think she also had a good time.


Getting to Burj Khalifa – Dubai Mall

In the morning we went to church, then rest and sleep before venturing to Dubai Mall. Then around 3:30pm we boarded the train to Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa. It takes 15-20 minute ride from our place, then we have to walk the air-conditioned walkway (called metro-link) that connected the Metro(train station) – Dubai Mall. From the train station to Dubai Mall it would take you another 10-15 minutes walk before reaching Dubai Mall.


metro link linking dubai mall - burj khalifa

Then from there you can see signs/arrows to where you want to go!

From there we hurriedly introduced here to the Dubai Aquarium. She was really having fun (her mouth can’t keep up with her mind – we can’t understand what she is saying) with the colorful fish and the sharks and rays that are swimming inside the aquarium. You can also see divers feeding the fish on the left side of theĀ  aquarium (she was asking us a lot of question – she is always pointing to things she sees). There is also a tunnel under the aquarium but you have to pay for it. They also have activities for the divers to swim with the sharks, rays and fish.


Dubai Aquarium in dubai mall - burj khalifa

After that she saw the store with a lot of candies (Candilicious), and she asked if we could go there and we did. After that she was asking us if we could buy this and that.

YSA and MY WIFE on Candilicious

my wife on candilicious on dubai mall - burj khalifaysa on halloween backdraft dubai mall - burj khalifa

After this, we eat then proceed to Dubai Dancing Fountain. It is already dark during this time and we could see the beautiful lights that was around the area. Then we heard a loud music, people started to cheer! Then show has started.

Dancing Fountain

dancing fountain in action beside burj khalifa

The show lasted for about 5-7 minutes. And then people started clapping, that was the end of the show. People started to move away from the lake and back to where they were before the show (coffee shops, restaurants around the area). After an hour or so, the show will start again. If i can remember correctly the last show will be around 11pm. Then we take a few photos then we heed back home. My daughter was already asleep when we arrived in our flat.

On the next day, we asked her if she wants to go back again in the Fountain (Dubai Dancing Fountain) and she happily replied a big YES!

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