Valentines Day on Dubai’s Liwan Restaurant

Last February 14, 2016, we have experience a rather unique and luxurious buffet in one of the best restaurant in Dubai’s Liwan Restaurant.

After work, went home and dressed up for the date. From our place the restaurant is about 15 minutes walk, and is located inside AL GHURAIR MALL. Or rather you can use the Mall to enter the Hotel. The entrance should be on the fish-round-about side.You can also enter inside the mall using the entrance near the water fountain side. The restaurant should be on the 3rd floor of the hotel.


When you go out to the elevator you will be welcome by the very big hall. On the left side of the  you should be able to see the entrance to Liwan Restaurant. You will be greeted by the receptionist to accommodate you to your reservation.

After talking to the waiter, we hastily look for our food. They have prepared international food which i don’t know of. I picked the food that i know after tasting the food that i know. They have seafood, Japanese, Arabic etc. They also have a wide variety of sweets. My daughter was happily eating all the sweets we server her. If she don’t like it i am eating it. My wife, was eating mostly seafood and the Japanese  foods.

There is an area wherein you  can take pictures and post it directly to any social media i think they call it photobooth. There is an area wherein you can see the view of the street. You can hear the noise of the artificial waterfall although the noise of the spoons clanging is louder. But all in all i was really happy with this event.

On choosing this location was also was also because of the play area they are providing after eating. Children can play there while you can serve them finger food.

liwan restaurant's playhouse

I would really recommend this place if you every celebrate special occasion specially if you have toddlers. Great Food, Great Location!


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