Party on Zabeel Park

Last March 4, 2016, we celebrate the 3rd birthday of our daughter in one of the beautiful Dubai’s Park – Zabeel Park even though her birth date is on March 2. We had a Fairy Theme Party, Ysa was wearing her green fairy gown along with her purple decorated with fake gem wings. We on the other hand we’re wearing green upper and the brown pants. This was to Mimic the Peterpan and Thinkerbell Theme. My wife has prepared for ysa’s custom for almost three weeks.

Zabeel Park is a accessible location, you will just have to go using the train and drop Jafiliya Station and walk to Gate 1 (gate which is facing the Etisalat Tower). It is where the Ripe Food and Craft Market is held.

Zabeel Park


I on the other hand was preparing the letter cut outs and the souvenir which is also based on the theme. We had green disposable glasses and plates, we had green color juices for the kids, we also had prepare green color cola. We had thinkerbell cake, we use green grassĀ  for our table top, and every thing we can use think as green we would use green.

During the party, luckily i have invited our company driver so we can safely bring all of the things needed for the party. Our plan was to be early so we can get a good location on the park, i even skipped going to church so i can be early there. But this is to no avail, we got there but we have no cottage to stay in. So, we chose a location under a tree, around the children’s play area only. And luckily we find a that location and it was better than we ask because it was near the wash room.

We step up the table, but still have to wait for the Food. Because we are not a good cook we assigned it to all our friends who are coming. This idea was good so we have lessen our workload, but the problemĀ  was on the arrival of the food. We have to wait for them to start the program.

During the program, the clown that we hired was amazing. He had his small portable microphone and speaker which he carries with him during the program. We have children’s games and games for the parents. During the games, children from the other areas has started to gather around him. He doing magic tricks which amazes the children but makes the parents laugh at him. This is because his tricks where so obvious to the parents. But still children where amaze. He gives prices to the winners which also helps motivate the children to play, specially the older children. There where also adults who are watching and laughing at the show.

Here are some of the pictures during the birthday celebration in Zabeel Park

zabeel parkzabeel park

After the 2nd game, we sang a birthday song for Ysa and give her our wishes, then we eat. I was worried during this time because the guest that has attended the party was unexpected. We we’re afraid that the food we have prepared was not enough. But luckily the food was more than enough, we even have food when we went home. On the second part of the program was mostly games for the adults, so children will have time to play on the play ground. Ysa was playing to her hearts content with her playmates. After an hour she comes back and was tired already. On her stroller she get herself in and in a few minutes she was already sleeping.

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