dubai kite festival behind sunset mall

Glimpse of Dubai Kite Festival

Last Friday, we have taken a glimpse of Dubai Kite Festival 2016 when we pass by on the Jumeirah Road behind Sunset Mall. Although i was not there but i can feel the excitement of the place -the aura emitted by the place. Seeing the colorful kites flying behind the mall makes me wanna go there. And experience it first hand the sights and sound of Dubai Kite Festival 2016.


Getting to Dubai Kite Festival Location

If you check on google map, the nearest metro station to Sunset Mall is Noor Metro Station. From there you can just call taxi and would be there in 5 – 10 minutes and you can even ask the driver to take you behind the Sunset Mall. And if you are tight on budget you can use the Bus. On Ghubaiba Bus Station you can find there buses no 8 and no 88, these buses would take you there, they will take Jumeirah Road. If you are a tourist i would prefer going this method because along the way you will still see a lot of things. Jumeirah Road is an interesting place, you can see and experience first hand the development and the environment you will see.

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Dubai Kite Festival Pictures

And because I was not lucky enough to visit the said event, i would show you some of the pictures during the event. This is not my pictures so the credit goes to the owner of the pictures. I chose these pictures because i like it. These are just random picture. Again these are not mine and would like to give credit to the owner during Dubai Kite Festival 2016.



There are no entrance fees or anything here so bring the whole family would be good! You will have a very good view of Burj Al Arab. White sand and clear green water. You will also have a very good sunset view here.

The Official Activities on Dubai Kite Festivals

  • Show kite flying
  • Night kite flying
  • Sports kite flying
  • Kite surfing
  • Kite buggies
  • Public kite flying


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