Dubai Sports World Experience

Visit to World Trade Center for the Dubai Sports World

Last Sunday June 21, 2015 has again opened on its 5th successful year the Dubai Event Dubai Sports World, wherein favorite sports around the globe has gathered in one roof. The event will be held in the 20,000 m² of air conditioned space, Dubai World Trade Center. They will be hosting numerous academies and sports enthusiast, covering a range of activities, fitness programmes and events.


Last Monday, i was excited to visit the place to check on some of the sports they are hosting. And as expected the they have added new attraction. This year they added the trampoline for kids and there was also an obstacle course for kids. And i think these are the two added attractions on DSW2015. I could be wrong but this is what i have seen.

Same sports are still there: basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, badminton, pingpong. Fitness area is also there, hosted by TechnoGym. There are stores located near between the entrance, selling their products like rackets, shoes, sports apparel etc.

Mostly Filipinos are playing on the Basketball court, as well as in the Volleyball court. On the soccer field, mostly arabic guys and the europeans. In the pingpong area, it is dominated by Indians, there are also a few Filipinos and some chinese. This is where i would go and play with other Filipinos, there is a Chinese guy who i also would like to do volley with him. Whatever drive i would do he would just return it no problem at all and with a back spin. Although he is having problem communicating with me but still he tries to teach me a thing or two to improve my skills.

In the Fitness Center they are mostly dominated by Indians, there are Filipinos Europeans Africans etc. I have seen trainers that would help you use some of their equipments, they would also help you with the correct way to exercise. The equipments they are using usually has manual/instruction posted on the equipment itself. And if their is no one to help you out you can just read it and follow the instruction and you are done. Yey!

On running track mostly European are on the track jogging with the cool outfit with their headset and their ipod on, their head sweat band and their sexy jogging outfit. There also Filipinos, Indians, Arabics on the tracks. There are families jogging together. Dads jogging followed by their children.

On the kids area, the trampolines and the obstacle course they are mostly dominated by European Children. They are very brave to do this activities, i am amazed with these children. This activities as a father i would say are dangerous but still they are their happily running and jumping around. I am more amazed with their parents, as to why they would let their children to do this activities. Just a thought! Sorry this is just how i feel.

This month is Ramadan, and just a reminder, please avoid eating or drinking in public. In World Trade Center, there are areas where you can only eat and drink. In my case i drink on the cornerswhere no one is around. When you are playing you are bound to get thirsty and thus drink. I can’t go to Zoom regularly to drink. That’s why i am just looking for a spot where no one is around. I think it is ok, because no one question me. yey.

Here are some of the Photos taken during my visit in Dubai Event Dubai Sports World.

dubai sport world basketball court dubai sports world display area

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