3d Dubai Canvas Festival

Accidental Visit on 3D Dubai Canvas Festival

Last March 5, we managed to visit the busy street of JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) where the 3D Dubai Canvas Festival was held. The truth is i was there because our client has gone viewing in one of the apartment in JBR and i was just happened to accompanying my colleagues there.

From artist to non-artist alike, the have  gathered to witness this colorful and wonderful creation of artist from around the world (30 world renowned artist from around the world where invited). Flat artwork when viewed at the right angle becomes alive and real. From fishing in the pond, horse riding, surfing in waterfall, panda on the swings etc.

This is not my photos, credits to the owner. (my photo were not good, i was just using my phone)

swinging with the panda dubai canvas festival selphie everyone at dubai canvas festival!

Anyway i was there and i was lucky this time. The experience we had i would say was awesome! We could feel the joy of the crowd, their feeling was really showing. Their expression and their happiness was really visible when they see or interact with the artwork.The engagement of the visitors, where they will stay to take the picture. How will they act if they are there? You can see people happily engaging with the artwork,  jumping at the back of the hippo, riding on the back of the horse, kids fishing on the pool, kids with the pandas swinging. etc

The beautiful 3d creation were drawn along the streets and wall canvas along the 2 km streets of JBR. You can take photo of yourself while you on the suggested angle. It would be off if you take selfie. No selfie here, you must ask someone to take photo of you on the suggest angle. Otherwise if you take selfies, pictures would be off!

There we’re areas where you can experience artwork painting, i have seen mostly doing this. There must be for adults also but i think i have just missed it.

I will be looking for this event soon. And will give more time on this. I mean allocating time on this event. Hopefully next year i will be there on Dubai Canvas Festival 2017.


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